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Wedding Bells at QVC!

Courtney Cason, host on QVC, is getting married on September 20th! She's gathered a bunch of her friends at QVC for a Courtney Says "I do" special on QVC Plus. I'll be there along with Julep Maven, Tarte Cosmetics and Southern Living to help Courtney decide on her wedding details. It's going to be so much fun! After the show, we'll all be on Twitter from 3-4PM answering your bridal questions and giving away some amazing prizes! 

All this wedding talk brought back so many memories of my own wedding day! I wanted to share pictures of that special day along with some past bridal looks I've created. To see all these great pictures, check out our "Here Comes the Bride" collection on Togather.


Backstage with Jamie Dornan

Who's excited to see Fifty Shades of Grey!? I met Jamie Dornan (Mr. Christian Grey himself) and groomed him for his interview on Good Morning America yesterday. Here's some behind-the-scenes photos! Fifty Shades of Grey will be in theaters on Valentine's Day. 





#100HairDays Instagram Challenge

Yesterday, the Sarah Potempa team started a #100HairDays challenge on Instagram. We would love for you to join! 

Here's how it works:

Everyday for 100 days, post a different hairstyle to your Instagram page. This means you will have 100 hair pictures on your Instagram and no two hairstyles should be the same!

Be creative. Include cute hair accessories, hats, buns, braids, straight hair, curly hair, wigs, fake bangs, hair chalk... ANYTHING! This is your chance to experiment with your hair!

Please include #100HairDays, ‪#‎SarahPotempa‬ and @SarahPotempa in your caption and include the corresponding day, i.e. Day One, Day Two, etc. If you use your BEACHWAVER™ or WRAP UP™ be sure to include @thebeachwaver and @WrapUpBun. We may just feature your look!

Example: DAY ONE: Rocking a #fishtail crown #braid today! #100HairDays #SarahPotempa @SarahPotempa



These lovely ladies are showing off their beautiful beachwaved curls! Here at Sarah Potempa Inc., we absolutely love to see pictures of your beachwaved locks. Nothing brings us more joy than to see women not only looking beautiful, but feeling beautiful at the same time! Go ahead and post a picture of your hair styled with the fabulous Beachwaver and hashtag “IGOTBEACHWAVED” and tag @TheBeachwaver so that we can check it out!  Your photo may even have the opportunity to be featured on the blog! Xo


Ribbon Braid

Summer time screams fun and so does this hairstyle.  There are so many ways to jazz up your usual look with the simplest tricks. I recently teamed up with Thu Do from Hair Envy to show a tutorial on how to do a fun new summer hair look, The Ribbon Braid. It is simple way to add a little flair to your summer look. All you need is some colored ribbon, string or even twine! 



The Fourth of July is fast approaching which means BBQ, parades and of course red, white and blue!  An easy way to incorporate a little patriotic pride is to make these super easy hair pins using nail polish and bobby pins! First gather together all of the items you will need!  To make these pins, you will need bobby pins, a piece of cardboard or card stock, and a red, white and blue nail polish. For some extra fun, use a glitter as well!

Take the bobby pins and slide them onto the piece of cardboard.  This will help keep them in place while you paint them and make it easier.  Make sure the side you want to be painted is facing up!

It’s time to take your nail polish and paint the bobby pins!  Get as creative as you like, either doing all once color or mixing it up and making stripes by using small strokes of different shades!  Try to use polishes that will only require one coat so they dry quickly!

This step is if you want to add polka dots!  Take one bobby pin (unpainted)  and bend it into a 90 degree angle.  The beaded end is perfect for making a polka dot!  Then use an extra piece of cardboard or scrap paper and put a dot of nail polish on it. Take the bent bobby pin, dip the end into the dot of polish and dab onto the bobby pins you are painting in any design you like!

Let your newly painted hair pins dry and then style however you like!  Use just one for a little accent or stack up as many as you like for a fun, Independence Day look!


World Cup - USA Pride

You don’t have to be in the heart of the action in Brazil to feel the excitement of the World Cup. From the Jersey shore, to the celebrity studded beaches in Cali, the USA’s advancement in the World Cup is felt across the nation, creating an overwhelming sense of pride in the land of the free and the home of the brave. 


Fans across the country are showing their support and enthusiasm, and we are loving the unity seen and felt by fans of all different origins. Here at SARAHPOTEMPA, we idolize empowering, passionate and strong women. Lots of lovely female soccer fans across the country are showing their USA pride, and we cannot get enough of it! Let’s go USA and rock on ladies!

 Loving some of Team SP spirited red and blue braided buns! 


Summer Festival Hair

Summer festivals are the most anticipated and chic events of the summer. Our favorite hair trend and festival essential that we can’t get enough of, is the flower headband. We recreated the classic look a few different ways, using the Beachwaver and Wrap Up. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

Wrap Up or Half Up
Darby Clip (to section your hair)
A Flower Headband (You can buy one but we love this DIY tutorial on how to make one by Lauren Conrad. Check it out here)

Flowers and Beachy Waves

Step 1) Beachwave all of your hair. Remember to let your locks completely cool before running your fingers through them to create loose waves and texture
Step 2) Place the flower crown directly on top of your head and voila! Coachella ready hair in minutes. 

Mix it up! Add a half up top knot using HALF UP and accessorize with your flower headband. See the how to video here

 Flowers and Buns

Step 1) Create a side part
Step 2) Beachwave all of your hair for perfect texture
Step 3) Secure hair into a really low side ponytail
Step 4) Using the WRAP UP®, create a low messy side bun
Step 5) Pull out front tendrils
Step 6) Add your flower crown and you’re done!

The only thing left is to add some festival worthy music! Listen below to this year’s amazing Coachella performers! Happy Summer!