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WHCD: Bethany Mota

I did a braided updo on Bethany Mota for the White House Correspondents Dinner. I started this look by using my Ceramic Styling Iron to make c-shaped waves in her hair. Then I did two french braids on the bottom section of hair. I secured the top section using a Wrap Up Bun and pinned the braids around the bun. She rocked this look!


WHCD: Sophie Turner

I had the pleasure of styling the stunning Sophie Turner for the White House Correspondents Dinner this past weekend in DC! For her look, I used my ceramic styling iron to make her hair sleek and smoothe. I then put her hair half up in two clear elastics, did two fishtail braids and knotted them around the elastics! She looked gorgeous!


Bethany Mota: Glam Beachwaves

I styled the beautiful Bethany Mota in DC this past weekend! We did these classic vintage waves by holding the Beachwaver Pro Vertical, spraying Aussie Sprunch Hair Spray on my On Set Styling Brush and gently brushing out the curls.


Fashion Times: Braid Feature

Thank you Fashion Times for this feature on this crown braid I did on Anna Chlumsky! When prepping her for her red carpet event, she told me that she had to go perform in her Broadway Show, "Living on Love", where she would need to wear a wig. So I decided to do this fashionable yet practical crown braid so that she could easily get her wig on for show time! To learn how to do this look yourself, click here!


Ashley Benson: Upfronts Event

I styled Ashley Benson for ABC's Upfronts Event this past week. I gave her this sleek wave by using my ceramic styling iron and beachwaver together! It's always a joy to style this beauty!


MBFW: Ashley Benson Beachwaved Lob

I absolutely love using the Beachwaver S1 on short hair! It adds a new element to the short style that gives it great dimension. I styled Ashley Benson's lob for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York this past week. The textured waves looked great with her awesome hair cut! 


Anna Chulmsky at Veep Red Carpet

Braided crowns are sure to dazzle, and Anna Chulmsky looked striking at the premier of Veep! With a royally inspired up-do like this, you are sure to turn heads at any event, big or small.

For more on how to get the full look, check out

Here are some of my tips on how to get this look:

1. Brush hair out with the On Set Styling Brush to detangle all the hair.

2. Start in the lower back right of the hair and section out a clean semi-circle up. Hold remaining hair away with the Darby Clip.

3. French braid by taking three pieces and going right over middle left over middle, while adding pieces from the root. Continue to French braid along the hairline all the way around to the other ear. Release the clip when you get to the hairline to add that hair in.

4. Once all the hair is in the French braid, apply Aussie's Miraculously Smooth Tizz No Frizz Gel to the ends to make sure all the layers get in the braid. Wrap the tail end of the braid around to follow the braid and tuck it under. Secure with hair pins.