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Testimonial Tuesday : Meet Emma

Every Tuesday this month we will share a new testimonial from an everyday Beachwaver user! This week meet Emma!


Hear all the reasons why she's loving the BEACHWAVER®S1: Here


3 Bridal Looks for Short Hair

Finding your perfect wedding hairstyle can be tough for any bride. Having short hair should never stand in the way of achieving the bridal look you've always wanted. I was happy to share my ideas with Martha Stewart Bridal on transforming short locks into gorgeous bride ready looks! Click here to see step by step how to achieve these wedding day styles!


365 Days of Braids: January Braids

I've been having so much fun doing my 365 Days of Braids Challenge! I've been posting each one daily on my Instagram and the feedback has been amazing!  Here are some of my favorite looks I've done for the month of January.


Molly Sims: Everyday Supermodel

Loved styling the stunning Molly Sims for her appearance on the Today Show talking about her new book theEverydaySupermodel! It is an amazing book and a must read for beauty girls. I love all of her tips and tricks to help look your best all the time. You can buy a copy here! Makeup by the talented Gpcbeauty
Watch her Today Show Segment Here


Debut of Beachwaver S1 on The Today Show

Tuesday we launched our brand new Beachwaver S1 in style on The Today Show! Bahar Takhtechchia, editor at large of Self Magazine, did a fantastic job showing it off as apart of Tamron Hall's "Tuesday Trends". If you missed the segment, you can see the S1 in action right here! This new product, available exclusively at Ulta Beauty, is such an exciting addition to the Sarah Potempa family! Below are some specs outlining the difference between the Beachwaver Pro and the Beachwaver S1.




We are so excited to announce the launch of the BEACHWAVER®S1, Ceramic Rotating Curling Iron! Now available at ULTA.

Learn the differences between the BEACHWAVER® Pro and BEACHWAVER® S1 : HERE


Kristen Stewart: Sleek Short Styles

I've been styling Kristen Stewart all week for the premiere of her newest film, "Still Alice". With her newly chopped locks, I've enjoyed finding versatility in styling it! For this look, I went for a sleeker more everyday style compared to her red carpet look. It's amazing how changing your part can change your over all style so much! Watch her talk about her reasons for changing her look in her interview from Late Night With Seth Meyers here!

Kristen's make up was done by the always fantastic Beau Nelson! He added the perfect pop of pink color on her lips using Colour Pop Cosmetics lipstick Trixie and Anarchy lip liner from Urban Decay.


365 Days of Braids: Week 2

Double French Fish Tail Braid

Step 1: Pull your hair half up and create a *fishtail braid. 

Step 2: Start one **french braid on the left side and another french braid on the right side.

Step 3: As you continue to french braid, swap a strand from the right with the left over top of the fishtail every so often. 

*Fishtail Braid

Step 1: Part hair into two sections.

Step 2: Pull skinny strand from left section.

Step 3: Cross that strand to right section.

Step 4: Pull skinny strand from right section.

Step 5: Cross that strand to left section.

Step 6: Repeat this crisscross pattern pulling strands from opposite side.

**French Braid

Step 1: Part top of hair into 3 sections.

Step 2: Start braiding then add hair from left side to the outer most left section and include in the braid. 

Step 3: Repeat the same process on the right side by adding a section of hair to the outer most right strand. 

Step 4: Continue this pattern until all of your hair is braided.